Single's Ministry: This ministry is for singles of any age. The group organizes activities and outings for Christian singles to discuss Christian topics, offer support for one another, and fellowship. If you are a Christian single looking for ways to enhance you single life and connect with the Lord, this is the ministry for you.

Inspirational Dance Ministry: At St. Luke's Ministries we believe in allowing members to lift up the name of the Lord and express their love for his goodness in many ways. Our inspirational dance Ministry is the perfect ministry for those who not only dance with their feet but also dance from their hearts. Our Motto: There are words inside you that pen and paper can't handle….. so just DANCE!

Marriage Enhancement: This ministry is for newly engaged, newly married, and veteran married couples. The goal is for each member to bring new viewpoints, and advice to share with the group. Members come to learn, read new literature, and discuss weekly topics that will strengthen their relationships. The marriage enhancement ministry is for those seeking God's guidance in order to keep their relationships healthy.

Visitation Ministry:
This is a ministry that requires more than time but a helping hand and a giving heart. The members of this ministry not only visit the sick and shut in but also take time to pray for those in need though intercessory prayer. They deliver flower arrangements and encouraging words. These members understand that a heart that belongs to God gives willingly and cheerfully. 

Praise and Worship Ministry:
This ministry is for members who are ready and willing to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. You don't have to have a melodious voice but you do have to come equipped with a praise. This ministry is in charge of ushering in the spirit at the beginning of each service.  Members of this ministry truly understand the power of praise! 

Media Ministry:
This is a new-age ministry that has grown as technology has advanced. Members of this ministry assist with everything from music to slideshow presentations and projecting scriptures during the sermons. Members of this ministry are technologically savvy and work hard to help the services run smoothly by using their God-given talents. Technology has truly changed the way we worship for the better. 

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